Summer/Spring Calendar Draft

Dear Club Members,

Please everyone you don’t all need to send emails. It will get out.
This is not the fleshed out schedule. Just a draft.

Here is an outline of the events planned for our spring and summer
events. A final copy with the information on the hikes, bike and
canoe/kayak will be forth coming the beginning of May after all the
information is gathered. A couple of changes have occurred with the
Illinois Peak and Ainsworth/Canada trips. You have received
information needed for the first activity which will be a Hike up
Canfield Mt on Sunday, May 19th. Stay tuned for the details. An
email will be sent out and the hikes also will be posted on the web.
Invite others to come along………Jim McMillen

Sunday, May 19th–Hike up Canfield MT

Sunday, May 26th–help out with the CDA Marathon at Higgins Pt

Saturday, June 15th–Plummer to Harrison Bike Ride

Sat/Sun, June 29/30–Canoe/Kayak to Upper Priest Lake

Saturday, July 26th–To be announced

Saturday, August 10th–Maiden Rock Hike, Swim, Picnic on Lake Pend O’Reille

Fri/Sat/Sun, August 23 to 25–Illinois Peak/Oregon Lakes overnight

Saturday, September 7th–Cave Lake Hike, Bike, Canoe and Apples


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