President’s Message November 2013

Hear Ye, Hear Ye……………OK.  I’m having writer’s block 30 seconds into the President’s address. Not a great beginning as the newly elected President.  Are you supposed to capitalize president?   I heard on NPR today that if you don’t like what is happening in Congress and the country, you can choose not to reelect those in charge.  Hmmm.  So, I’m hoping you will bear with me because you’re stuck with me for this winter’s season, unless there is a recall.  I think I’m safe since no one ran against me last March.


The Panhandle Nordic Club’s first meeting is Tuesday, November 5th, 7:00 pm at the Coeur d’Alene River Ranger Station, 2502 Sherman Ave. CDA. “It’s going to be a really big shew” as Ed Sullivan would say.  Larry Toews, physical therapist extraordinaire is coming back after last years great meeting to talk about getting into shape for the cross country ski and snowshew season.   Anyone need a tune-up?


Also, please bring some pictures to display of our great hikes and activities the club did in the spring and summer.  Jackie would love to put a few of these special moments into our archives.


The board is planning a great season with some of our favorite activities—-Best Hand Poker Ski, Rock Soup, Ya I Du Ski and Snowshoe, day and weekend trips.  Some new ideas being discussed are a new fundraiser that may be called the Hog Loppett (what’s that?), volunteer ski patrol and hut folks to welcome skiers and snowshoers to answer questions about the club and the  4th of July area.  So show up November 5th so you won’t be left out of the loop.  If you have an idea for a topic for the Tuesday meetings, would like to lead an outing, volunteer up at 4th of July or help with grooming please contact one of the board members.


This year’s illustrious officers are:
Jim McMillen, President
Hilma Volk, Web Master
Karen Williams, Secretary
Glenn Truscott, Facility Manager
Carol Ridge, Treasurer
Geoff Harvey, Area Manager
Jackie Beery, Historian


Parking is limited to the front parking lot on Sherman or on the street.  There is parking across the street along the apartment complex.  Note:  Use Front Entrance and go down stairs.
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