December News

President’s Message for December 2013

Cookie exchange and Club activities will be the agenda for the December 3rd meeting. We will no longer be meeting at the Ranger Station on Sherman Ave but have found a new location for this month’s meeting at Fire Station #3 meeting room. This is at 1500 15th St at Cherry Hill Park.  December 3rd. Time is 7:00 as usual.

The Panhandle Nordic Club runs on cookies. December is the month for the holiday Christmas cookie exchange. Bring cookies to share with others and get a variety pack to take home. There are several theories on how this works. I have been told by two experts—Donna and Jackie that whatever amount you bring is the number of cookies you can take home. Another theory is that you bring lots of cookies to share. I like that one. If you bring extra cookies, then those of us who are baking challenged will get a couple to nibble on at the meeting. The remaining cookies that are not taken home or consumed are saved to make a food basket for the State of Idaho road crew who plows the 4th of July parking. Plowing the parking lot is not one of their priorities but they are very good about keeping it open for us.

For the new folks to the club we will cover the year round activities that the club is involved in.
Also this will be the time to sign-up to provide the skiers and snow shoers with information on the ski area and the Panhandle Nordic Club. This would involve a couple of hours on an occasional weekend in the main hut and while you are on the trails. Having more club visibility at 4th of July will help us promote the club for new member and help with fundraising. The forest service is under a financial strain and is having to devote more funds into fire fighting which translates into the Club needing to be more creative in fund raising and providing for maintenance of the area.

Also we will make plans for the free ski day (a park and ski pass is not needed throughout Idaho recreation areas) and for our Best Hand Fun Ski fundraiser on Saturday, Jan. 4th. Invite your friends to this. Volunteers will be needed to hand out cards, obtain some prizes and sell Park and Ski passes.

See you Dec. 3rd. Do a snow dance and bring cookies………Jim McMillen

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