Leaning Tree Warning

This is for an area in the the expanded section on a trail marked by trail sign as Joe D’s Jump.  (Note: The trail is labeled New Shoe on the maps.  The name was changed to Joe D’s Jump in honor of Joe Deist after his death).

Snowshoes and skiers using this trail should be aware of the following:

There is a large Douglas fir hanging over the trail near its summit from the side closest to the snowshoe warming hut. Bea Christopherson brought this tree to our attention early this fall and we have been pondering it since that time. The tree is hung up at a very steep angle in the branches of trees downhill of the trail with currently plenty of room for winter users to pass under.  The tree is sufficiently hazardous to cut in its current situation that we have decided to leave it for the winter in the hopes that a snow load on it brings it down during the winter for safe removal next spring.

As you approach this tree you have the option of passage under it as it is currently positioned. As an option and in case it falls, we have cleared a short detour on the uphill side that will take all users safely around the tree.  If the tree has a large snow load on it as you approach it we recommend the detour.  The tree will be removed next spring no matter what occurs this winter to assist passage by horsemen.  Given its current situation we have decided this the safest approach to take for trail users and those maintaining the trail.

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