President’s Message, Jan. 4, 2014

President’s Message for Jan. 4, 2014

It’s a beautiful day and the Best Hand Fun Ski is cancelled today due to ice. This is a first since I have been a member of the club and we have always been able to have it whatever the conditions. If only we were in Minnesota or the east coast?! Not. We may have to offer skating lessons if this weather trend continues. The Best Hand Fun Ski will rise again once conditions are more favorable.

On the bright side is that is that Panhandle Nordic Club meeting will be this Tuesday, Jan 7th, same time-7:00 pm, same place-CDA Fire Station #3, 1500 N. 15th St. at Cherry Hill Park which is north of Interstate 90 (take 15th street exit). Our featured speaker will be Charlie Miller of the North Idaho Centennial Trail Foundation. The Centennial Trail is funded entirely through donations and events such as the CDA Marathon, Memorial Day weekend and The Grand Fondo bike ride, last Sat. in September. Come find out what other events are planned for 2014 and future goals of the organization.

See you there. Jim McMillen

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