March President’s Message

President’s Message, March 2014

It’s beginning to look a lot like winter.   So get out and enjoy the snow before there is another weather change.  Conditions were excellent for the Best Hand Fun Ski and Snowshoe last Saturday and Geoff and Bea should be commended for their grooming of the whole area in one day.  There were 42 participants and some great prizes were awarded from catered canoe, bike, hike, boat excursions and a gourmet dinner plus massages, jewelry, food, etc.  The club made $363 on Saturday and a recent grant was received for $500 which makes for a good month.

Next on the docket is a pizza party furnished by the club this coming Tuesday, March 4th.  I think that means beer or beverage of choice which members will furnish for themselves.  This will be at Pizza  Factory at 503 W. Appleway, CDA. This is north of Bank of America and is west of I-95.  Time is 6:00 and will feature Ya I Du Ski or Snowshoe Awards. Get your kilometers calculated.  Geoff will put on a picture show of wildlife that he has been photographing with his motion detection cameras that have been placed throughout the area.  No this is not about the wildlife on Sherman Ave. on Friday and Saturday nights.

April 1st will be our planning meeting for the spring and summer outdoor calendar. Plan to bring a favorite hike, bike or outdoor trip to share with the club.
See you there……..Jim McMillen


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