President’s Message & News for April

President’s Message & News


March is one of those months that could be done away with. It is neither winter nor spring and the weather can be everything all in one day. The dilemma is what activity to do. Should I ski or do that spring cleaning? Ride a bike or read a good book? The answer is none of them. March Madness is the best entertainment for college basketball fanatics like myself. One can be a couch potato sports “commentator” while chowing down high calorie foods and swigging a few beers. In one month I will have lost all muscle tone and can only fit into sweat pants. I don’t have to impress anyone except my friends with basketball trivia and made-up statistics.

After March there is April. There is hope again. The Nordic Club will be planning the spring and summer outdoor season. Bring suggestions for a hike, bike, kayak or canoe, or social event that you would like to share with the group. The plan is to start in mid April and go through mid September for a Sat or Sun activity. September seems to be booked already. We usually have two events a month and not on the holiday weekends. One or two overnight trips are welcome. Activities that are not more than 1 1/2 driving hours one way and back before sundown are preferred. Lower elevation hikes are usually best in the beginning and later on descend to the higher elevations.

We will meet at the Fire Station on 15th at Cherry Hill Park on April 1st at 7:00. I heard there will be cookies. See you there. Go Zags!!!

Jim McMillen


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