April 18 Bead Lake Hike

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Bead Lake Hike
Hike Leader: Bob

Date: Saturday, April 18, 2015

We will meet at the Hayden Super 1 parking lot in Hayden at 8:30 AM (near the Goodwill Trailer on the east side). Expect a 106 mile round trip to and from the trailhead and reimburse your driver accordingly.

Bead Lake is just beyond Newport and is Colville National Forest land. The trail follows the southern shore that dips into some lovely canyons with cedar and ferns. The trail has some ups and downs including an uphill to the cars at the end. It will be as much as 9 miles round trip and the ups and downs can add up to as much as 1,427 ft.

When we get to the turnaround, we will have lunch. This is an out and back route.

This is not a beginner hike – it is a moderate hike due to distance and elevation so plan to hike about 2.5 miles in an hour. We will stop at the boat launch for a potty break (last toilet until we return at the end), photographs or just to take a short break. Do bring along lunch and lots of water. There may be water on parts of the trail so boots are highly recommended. Dogs are welcome but please keep them on leash for the safety and comfort of the group. Bob

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