March 23, 2017 Final Grooming report for Winter 2016-2017, 4th of July Area

March 24, 2017 Final Grooming Report 4th of July Recreation Area

by Geoff Harvey, Hill Manager

All good things come to an end. This has been a great winter season in comparison to the last few winters, but it is time to wind down winter activity at the area. Today a crew of four of us opened the gates on Skywalker and Moonrunner and closed the gates protecting Twisted Klister, Skateaway and The Eagle Run. We removed the signing system along the Skywalker-Moonrunner corridor. Earlier the main gate was closed. The groomers are being moved into summer storage. The snow is getting a bit threadbare on the inner loop and at a couple of places along Skywalker and Moonrunner, but in many other places and on most of the Twisted Klister system deep snow persists. The hut will remain up a few more weeks on Twisted Klister. So for you back country skiers and snowshoers there is still a good deal snow out there especially up high on the Twisted Klister system.

In the weeks to come we will be taking down the hut and sign system on Twisted Klister and removing the temporary shelters that protect the groomers. The system will be transitioned to its summer use for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding.

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