Fall Work Party, Monday October 16.

Fall Work Party, Monday October 16.
Meet 9:30 at  at the Parking Lot, 4th of July Recreation Area

Work projects include: Mowing of the main loop trail, restoring the bench at the Hut, repair of the hut wall behind the stove, digging out behind the hut and more.

Carol will cook up burgers afterwards. Bring something to add to the burgers, like sliced tomatoes, pickles, chips, ketchup, mustard and of course cookies!

So far we have paper plates, cups for Geoff’s cider, napkins, utensils, pickles, ketchup and mustard, some chips, lettuce and onions.

RSVP  if you are going to make it so we know how much beef to get for the burgers. Either use the club email or contact Karen at 667-6790

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