Club President’s Message and News

Club President’s Message and News:

Merry Christmas! It looks like we are lucky enough to have a good start towards a white Christmas and snow for skiing and snowshoeing. Hopefully everyone has had a chance to get out already. If not, the inner loop and loose moose are now groomed and the three down trees below the picnic hut were cleared. If you saw Goeff’s message you are aware that it may not be perfect for skate skiing, but at least a lot of the wildlife tracks and foot prints were smoothed out. So head on up and enjoy!

A little more snow is needed on Road 614 (Skywalker) before the gates could be closed. If the weather predictions are accurate that could happen this coming week.. So Goeff may be recruiting a crew to groom the upper routes and clear the down trees on Twisted Klister.

If you are still interested in participating in the Palouse Divide trip there is still room to sign up. Last chance to sign-up will be at the January 2nd club meeting. See Janice Purdy or Vera Taggart if you’d like to get on their list.

The Best-Hand-Fun ski & Snowshoe is coming up fast (January 6th) so if your interested in helping out or have a prize to donate to the cause. Be sure to let Karen know so you can be listed on the schedules for helping out with check-in or card distribution. If you acquired any prizes you want to donate, you can bring them up to the warming hut on the 6th and turn them over to Jim McMillen or Ellie.

Also, if you haven’t already put them on you’re January calendars. Banff Film Festival at the Kroc Center (26-28th ) and Rock Soup (27th) are coming up.

I’ll be helping Geoff out at the Wallace Winter Festival “ski on the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes”. Hope we see you there to enjoy a day of skiing and adding a few more miles to your I-du-ski log.

As for coming events, sign-up sheets should be available at the next club meeting for activity trips to McCall (Feb 5-9th); Winthrop (Feb.); and possibly a trip on the East side of the Bitterroot Divide at Lookout Pass. Geoff Harvey is the contact for details associated with the Winthrop and Lookout Pass activities. But he is still looking for someone who could take the lead on coordinating the Winthrop trip. Please talk with him at the club meeting in January if your interested.

Have a great holiday! See you at the next club meeting.
Don Garringer, Club President


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2 Responses to Club President’s Message and News

  1. Geoff Harvey says:

    Yes. We have been waiting for enough snow cover to groom. We need a foot of snow. We believe the next storm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday will get us well over a foot. We’ll be moving the grooming equipment in Friday, but will not be able to move in a machine until Tuesday. We should be able to groom it by Tuesday at the latest.

  2. Cindy says:

    Will Avondale Golf Course be groomed this year?

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