Dec. 22 Grooming Report

Grooming Report: 4th of July Park ‘n Ski Area, Fri Dec 22

Part of the ski area is now open to groomed skiing.  Today crews opened the gates in the parking lot and groomed the inner loop (Havin’ Fun, the Swoop, High Road and Loose Moose).  Track was set on either side of a skate line, except on Loose Moose where no track is set.  However with just a foot average snow depth, developing a wide skate land is an additional foot of snow off in the future.  The downed trees on the Swoop were removed as were several trees bent into the trail by the previous wet heavy snow.  A light dry snow was falling on the area when we left this afternoon.

The Twisted Klister side is open for snowshoe and backcountry ski use with well over a foot of snow accumulated  The tree down on Twisted Klister has not been removed yet. The snowshoe hut is up  and ready to serve users.  A new trail, the Ridge Trail is marked between the snowshoe hut and the top of the Gasline Loops shown on vicinity trail maps. The new route allows a snowshoe loop to and from the snowshoe hut without venturing onto Skywalker (FSR 614).

We are yet to close Skywalker and Moonrunner (FSR614) to vehicular traffic, although Idaho Dept  of Transportation’s snowoplow made a worthy attempt.  Hopefully we will get this completed just after Christmas.  Signs and the map board will be placedonce we close the gates on the road.  In the meantime, users on that side might consider a little creative, unsanctioned snow piling to block the traffic that makes grooming difficult; take a shovel, get some exercise and isolate the area early for snowshoers and skiers.

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