Grooming Report Fourth of July Dec 30th

The ski and snowshoe area received heavy wet snow and some freezing rain in the last series of storms. The deep wet snow pack bogs down the snow machines, while the snow and freezing rain brought down a few trees and bent numerous alders across the trails.  On Friday the crew was able to pack most of the inner loop (Havin Fun, The Swoop and High Road) as well as Skateaway and lower Skywalker. The lower gate on Skywalker was closed ending motorized access to Skywalker and Moonrunner. On Saturday the crew groomed the inner loop.  Their progress was slowed by many trees down across the trails. The parking lot was cleared by IDT crews. The snow pack will need to settle and consolidate before progress can be made on further grooming. The cold dryer weather this coming week should allow some consolidation of the pack, permitting more extensive grooming.

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