Feb. President’s Message & News

February 2018, President’s Message and News.

Another month of winter has nearly ended and we still have snow at 4th of July. A little on the icy side, but Geoff is doing his best to keep it skiable. Hopefully more snow and suitable temperatures will be coming in the weeks ahead..

I want to thank everyone for their efforts and attendance regarding the Best-Hand-Fun Ski. It was a great success. Not only did the snow conditions prove to be great that day, the attendance and receipts for future maintenance and insurance costs made the event well worth the effort. If you hadn’t heard the club made $890, and we even received a $100 donation from Hudson Hamburgers. Which was totally unexpected. So if you stop by Hudson’s to eat offer them a thank you for the club!

The Palouse Divide trip was well attended. The weather was great, but the area was a little icy which affected the skiing opportunities a bit but didn’t slow down the snowshoe trekkers. The food, accommodations and company were fantastic and well worth the trip. Randy Brewer probably even recruited some new members for our club from the Spokane area. He also may be trying to set up a summer event for hiking and/or mountain biking around July. Vera talked with owners and already made the arrangements for a group to go down next year. She has the club tentatively booked for the first weekend after Martin Luther King day for a group of at least ten. So you all have a whole year to think about signing up.

Regarding coming events, Rock Soup is still scheduled for this coming Saturday (1/27/18). Hopefully you are able to attend. I’ve asked that other board members to share their knowledge about details from past events to give those that aren’t familiar with the event, like me, a better idea of what to bring and when it starts. See you there. Also don’t forget, Banff Film Festivle at the Kroc center is this coming weekend.

Don Garringer

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