Fourth Of July Grooming Report Jan 4th

The ski area has been groomed the past two days to expand the packing and widening of trails.  Grooming has been completed over the inner loop (Havin Fun, The Swoop, High Road and Loose Moose) with track set on all but the top end of High Road and Loose Moose.  Skateaway and all of Skywalker except upper two hundred yards have been groomed but no track set.  Packing has been completed on Moonrunner out to Rose Saddle and out the Eagle Run.  The start of Elderberry and Treetop View have been groomed but the machines are yet to venture out Elderberry. Gates blocking Twisted Klister, Skateaway and Eagle Run have been swung out of the trails. Heavy we snow followed by freezing rain has bent down or brought down trees across the trails slowing our progress.

We expect snow on the area Friday (1/5) and early Saturday (1/6).  The course for the Best Hand Ski will be groomed Saturday prior to the event.

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