Fourth of July Pass Park N Ski Grooming Feb 10, 2018

The recent warm weather and rain followed by cold temperatures left the snow pack depleted and the groomed surfaces quite icy.  Some bare spots have appeared along the runs.  The area was groomed Saturday (Feb 10th).  All trails except Elderberry and Loose Moose were groomed. Elderberry has significant bare spots near its start.  The heavy groomers were towed to break up the surface layer and redistribute a thin layer of soft snow atop the hard surface.  Unfortunately the surface was too hard and the soft layer too thin to set an effective track.  Snow is forecast for Sunday (Fed 11th) evening.  If we receive sufficient depth, an inch or two, skiing conditions should improve greatly.  Meanwhile the areas used by the majority of snowshoeing (Twisted Klister System) held up fairly well with still sufficient snow cover.  Current conditions favor snowshoe use over skis, unless you like it fast.

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