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42 Responses to Home

  1. Geoff Harvey says:

    Fourth of July Area

    All good things come to an end. This has been a great winter season in comparison to the last few winters, but it is time to wind down winter activity at the area. Today a crew of four of us opened the gates on Skywalker and Moonrunner and closed the gates protecting Twisted Klister, Skateaway and The Eagle Run. We removed the signing system along the Skywalker-Moonrunner corridor. Earlier the main gate was closed. The groomers are being moved into summer storage. The snow is getting a bit threadbare on the inner loop and at a couple of places along Skywalker and Moonrunner, but in many other places and on most of the Twisted Klister system deep snow persists. The hut will remain up a few more weeks on Twisted Klister. So for you back country skiers and snowshoers there is still a good deal snow out there especially up high on the Twisted Klister system.

    In the weeks to come we will be taking down the hut and sign system on Twisted Klister and removing the temporary shelters that protect the groomers. The system will be transitioned to its summer use for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding.

  2. Geoff Harvey says:

    Fourth of July Grooming Report: March 9th

    Given the current and forecast weather it will not be possible to effectively groom the area for this weekend. With daytime temperatures forecast in the forties and in the fifties early next week the snow pack will be too warm. Under these conditions the machines bog down and overhead while pulling groomers. Even if the pack is cold enough we also have to consider if the following weather won’t rain our work out. As we get into March, the weather gets more and more dicey, but if we get the conditions we will groom up to April.

    There is still plenty of snow out there and past conditions have crystallized the pack making for excellent over the pack skiing or snowshoe conditions especially in the morning hours. This is the time to get off the trails as long as you are aware of any potential slide conditions.

  3. Geoff Harvey says:

    Fourth of July Grooming Report: March 2nd.

    A large part of the area was packed and groomed today. The Inner Loop (Havin Fun, The Swoop, and High Road were packed and groomed with a central lane an two set tracks at the edges. Loose Moose was packed and groomed but no track set. Skateaway, Skywalker out to Eagle Run and the Eagle Run were packed and groomed with a single track set on the inside. The other runs have up to and over a foot of new snow on them. The temperature warmed over the area to above freezing but was cooling quickly in the mid-afternoon. The runs will likely freeze tonight, but if the forecast is correct we can expect morning snow on the area with a rain/snow mix from noon to mid-afternoon. This pattern is forecast through the weekend. Plan to ski early for the best conditions.

    The track at Avondale is still good for classic skiing, but new snow has made skating difficult. We are currently folding up the grooming effort at Avondale for the year.

  4. Geoff Harvey says:

    Grooming Report Fourth of July Area February 24, 2017

    The entire area was groomed today. Double track was set with a skate lane in the center on the inner loop. The outer trails, Elderberry to the benches, Skateaway, Skywalker, Moonrunner, and the Eagle Run we groomed with a single track to the side and broad skate lane. We moved down equipment to groom Avondale. John Lee will groom the course tomorrow. This will likely be the last grooming of Avondale.

  5. Dave Bentz says:

    I was hoping to find out how grooming conditions were and if it is feasible to bring a group of 14 skiiers on Saturday and if there was a cost at Avondale

    • Webmaster says:

      Hello Dave, There is no cost to ski at Avondale. Conditions are changing wildly every day with warm temperatures and rain in the forecast, so I do not want to speculate what it will be like on Saturday.

      You will find latest grooming report our home page. They will first appear in the comment section. Then the webmaster will post it at the top of the page. If they are beginners, Fourth of July might be challenging.

  6. Geoff Harvey says:

    Fourth of July Inner Loop Groomed Yesterday: Saturday, February 11th

    Groomers were run on the inner loop trails at Fourth of July yesterday. However, the freeze just after the thaw last week set the area up with very hard and very fast packed runs. Grooming was more effective in areas that received sun than those which did not. The outer trails vary from smooth but fast to pock marked by the rain. Trail snow coverage is still quite good, but a few drainage sumps appeared after the rain.

  7. Geoff Harvey says:

    Fourth of July Groomed: Tuesday-Wed; February 7 & 8

    The entire area was groomed over the past two days less for the few weekday skiers using the area and more for future skiing prospects. The simple fact is that packed snow resists melting erosion during rain and warm wind events. Since rain and warm temperatures are on the near horizon, the area was groomed to resist snow loss. The Inner Core was leveled, groomed and tracked. Elderberry was packed and groomed to the Benches. Skywalker was packed groomed and tracked out to the Eagle Run. The rest of Skywalker all Moonrunner and the Eagle Run were packed. The pack is still quite cold well below the isothermal (near freezing point) temperature that would result in a large melt off. Hope to be grooming again after this rain event.

  8. Geoff Harvey says:

    Avondale Groomed; February 6, 2017
    The Avondale Course was groomed this afternoon by John Lee. A broad skate lane and track was set

  9. Geoff Harvey says:

    Deep Snow Bunny Weekend

    We planned to groom today, but conditions are currently precluding that effort. The pass is a mess with restrictions due to the constant snow accumulations. The IDT snow removal crews will be concentrating their efforts on the pass and not our parking lot. So if you like to ski in deep snow and want to brave the road conditions, today and tomorrow our your days. We plan to groom Fourth of July early next week and hope to groom Avondale early tomorrow (Sunday) morning.

  10. Geoff Harvey says:

    Avondale and Fouth of July Groomed : February 3rd

    Both areas were groomed today. John Lee groomed and set track at Avondale in the mid-afternoon just as the snow was abating. Roughly four inches of snow were packed. More expected tonight and possibly tomorrow. If conditions permit we will address this snow Sunday morning.

    Up at Fourth of July Glenn Truscott groomed and set track on the inner loop trails; Havin Fun, The Swoop, High Road and Skateaway. The snow was falling hard as he was finishing up. The outer trails on the area will be groomed tomorrow and the trails covered today repacked with track set. Depending on the snow recieved we will try to keep up with any snow next week.

  11. Geoff Harvey says:

    Grooming Completed at Fourth of July and Avondale; Friday, January 27th
    Grooming was completed at Fourth of July today, January 27th. The Inner Loop trails, Havin Fun, The Swoop, High Road as well as Skateaway were leveled, groomed and track was set. Elderberry was groomed and track set out to the Benches. Elderberry on to Ian’s Hut was cleared of all obstructions and packed. Skywalker and Moonrunner were groomed on Wednesday.

    Grooming was completed at Avondale today. The loops south of the clubhouse were groomed. The set track is still in place for traditional Nordic skiing.

  12. Geoff Harvey says:

    Avondale Gold Course Groomed: January 26th
    Avondale Golf Course was groomed today; well at least the northern part. Unfortunately. the old snow machine (Alice) died on us before John Lee was able to get to the fairways south of the clubhouse. This is why we never trust Alice too far from easy retrieval in her old age. The loops south of the clubhouse have a good track and are quite ski-able but more challenging for skaters. Still very good and very fast snow course wide.

  13. Geoff Harvey says:

    Fourth Of July Trails Groomed; January 26, 2017: The Fourth of July Trails typically packed with set track were groomed today with the exception of Elderberry beyond Treetop View. An inch at lower elevations to two and a half at higher elevation up has covered the surface exposed to the thaw. Very little if any snow depth was lost in the thaw, but the pack has consolidated into a more rigid base. We will re-groom the inner loop and Skateaway on Friday (January 27th) and groom Elderberry to include packing it ti Ian’s Hut.

  14. Geoff Harvey says:

    Fourth of July System Groomed for January 14-15 Weekend
    The entire area except for Skywalker between its trail head and Skateaway was groomed Friday (Jan 13th), That section of Skywalker will be groomed tomorrow. The rest of Skywalker-Moonrunner was groomed as usual with a wide skate lane. However, a couple of interloping snowmobiles managed to get around the Rose Lake Gate and ran down this trail to beyonf Skateaways. These tracks were deep in the fresh snow and well into the packed surface below.hence the surface is uneven in places especially on curves. Keep this in mind if you are skating.

  15. Geoff Harvey says:

    Thanks to John Lee the Avondale Course was groomed this afternoon for track and skate skiing. IT is turning cold again so we expect to wait on Fourth of July until Friday for a full grooming. Geoff Harvey

  16. Geoff Harvey says:

    In locations we received freezing rain on the snow pack followed by additional snow. This in addition to the fact that the period of cold weather last week likely created a hoer frost layer. Both are situation creating weak layers in the snowpack hence a most unstable snow pack on slopes prone to avalanche. Before venturing into the back country where slopes in excess of 30 percent with no anchor vegetation may be encountered due planning and care should be taken. First check the avalanche center for all current advisories and warnings; the link is traditionally on the Forest Service website. Second go prepared with proper survival equipment including beacons, prob poles and snow shovels. If you are inexperienced at these potentially dangerous snow travel conditions or lack the proper equipment, it might be wise to postpone that back country trip.

  17. Geoff Harvey says:

    The entire Fourth of July Ski Trail System was groomed today, January 6th in anticipation of the Best Hand Ski tomorrow.and weekend use. Earlier in the week the wood supply was refreshed by Karen & Marv Williams. The Snowshoe control and the banner at last have been placed. We will refresh the Best Hand course tomorrow morning before the event.

  18. Geoff Harvey says:

    The entire Avondale system of loops was groomed and tracked around noon today. Given the cold clear forecast the grooming should hold through the meeting tomorrow and likely through the weekend, but it will be cold out there..For you kilometer counters the entire system is about 4.2 km. Most loops are 0.7 km with the driving range 0.35 km and the fairways south of the clubhouse 0.55 km.

  19. Geoff Harvey says:

    Avondale Golf Course was groomed today. The four existing loops were groomed with a single track and a wide skate lane. In addition two additional loops were placed on the fairway south of the clubhouse and the fairway just north of Miles Avenue running over to Strahorn Road. These were packed and groomed but no track was set; ideal for you skaters.These can be accessed by a small lane between the clubhouse and the driving range. This is directly across where many start from the parking lot.

  20. Geoff Harvey says:

    Grooming was completed at over the entire ski area this morning. The area received an average of a foot of snow from the last storms. The inner core trails were groomed with tracks at the edges and as wide as possible skate lane in the center. The exterior trails, Elderberry (to the benches), Skateaway, Skywalker-Moonrunner and the Eagle Run are all groomed with a single track on the inside and skate lane over the rest of the surface. Only that part of Elderberry between the Benches and Ian’s Hut, roughly a half mile, has not been packed or groomed. IDT plowed out the road and the parking lot recently. Geoff Harvey Area Manager

  21. Geoff Harvey says:

    Grooming was completed at over the entire ski area this morning. The area received an average of a foot of snow from the last storms. The inner core trails were groomed with tracks at the edges and as wide as possible skate lane in the center. The exterior trails, Elderberry (to the benches), Skateaway, Skywalker-Moonrunner and the Eagle Run are all groomed with a single track on the inside and skate lane over the rest of the surface. Only that part of Elderberry between the Benches and Ian’s Hut, roughly a half mile, has not been packed or groomed. IDT plowed out the road and the parking lot recently. Geoff Harvey Area Manager

  22. Geoff Harvey says:

    Avondale was groomed this morning (Dec. 26th) for track and skate skiing. The snow this evening and tomorrow may obliterate this effort, but the packed surface was added too. We may be able to groom her on or before gthe weekend. We hope to groom and set track at Fourth of July later this week after this fresh batch of snow accumulates.

  23. Geoff Harvey says:

    Fourth of July Grooming Report, December 22nd

    The entire Fourth of July received some grooming this morning with the exception of the parking lot. The lot has about four inches of snow on a hard base. The inner core trails (Havin Fun, The Swoop, High Road and Loose Moose were groomed and tracked at the edges with the exception of Loose Moose; no track set. A large skate lane is available between the set tracks. Skateaway was likewise has track set at its edges with a central skate lane. Elderberry was groomed to the Benches, but no track was set. Skywalker-Moonrunner were groomed to Rose Saddle again with no set track. The Eagle Run has now been packed out to the Cut Across Trail and beyond to the groomer turn around, but it is yet to be groomed. The area should be good for the upcoming weekend if we receive four inches of snow. Wwe will grrom and set track more extensively hopefully early next week. Geoff Harvey, Area Manager

  24. Geoff Harvey says:

    In anticipation of the Wednesday Ski Lessons, the lowest section of Avondale Golf Course was groomed this morning. No effort was made to extend the grooming up the bench to the upper fairways to the north. A wide lane (30 feet most places) was groomed by first packing and then leveling with a groomer. Track was then set to one side. The arrangement should accommodate both traditional diagonal and skate skiing. Three loops are interconnected. The first between the Clubhouse and Red Barn, the second along the fairways towards and past the water tower in the direction of Strahorn Road and the third on the driving range southwest of the Clubhouse. If the snow holds we will continue to refresh these tracks and possibly expand north after Christmas.

  25. Geoff Harvey, Area Manager says:

    The area was groomed December 15th in advance of the cold which would have precluded setting track. The Inner Core Trails are groomed with the exception of Loose Moose with track on either side and a skate lane in the middle. Loose Moose was not groomed and has roughly six inches of powder snow on it; all the better to break your descent. Skateaway was groomed with the double track and central skate lane as well. Skywalker-Moonrunner was groomed out to Rose Saddle with a wide lane but no track set. The gates onto Twisted Klister, at Skateaway and The Eagle Run have all been turned open, while Skywalker-Moonrunner (FSR614) has been closed off at both ends. All the signs and barricades are up with the exception of the signing at the Moonrunner-Makin Tracks junction. We have not yet had time to pack and groom Eagle Run and Elderberry has only been packed once out to a blocking tree well out towards the benches. These will be dealt with after the cold spell. There are trees down on Jannette’s Jaunt and a small tree and one large one on Twisted Klister. I believe these are all passable, but will be dealt with as soon as we can get to them.

  26. Kevin McDonnell says:

    I really appreciate the effort this group puts into grooming the trails and making them accessible. I’m fairly new to the area and was excited when I discovered that this group maintain some trails so close to CDA. I was wondering if the trails up on 4th of July get groomed to accommodate skate skiing? I went up there for my first time last Tuesday (12/13/16) to check it out and noticed the current groomed trail was a bit too narrow for skate skiing. I was just curious if the trails get any wider as the season goes on or if they are maintained only for classic skiing/snowshoeing. Thanks again!

  27. Karen Pereira says:

    Where do I find information on and sign up sheets for trips, groups, volunteering? (I read all the info in the menus) Thanks!

    • Webmaster says:

      They are not on the website. They are at the meetings. If you want to sign up before the next meeting, reply to the group email that you have used before and someone will contact you.

  28. Geoff Harvey says:

    Thanks to the hard work of our grooming crews, the ski loop composed of Havin Fun, The Swoop, High Road and Loose Moose is packed, groomed and track has been set. The crew was able to groom a long section of Elderberry, but a downed tree stopped their progress. The gates at the parking lot are open. Ski condition are excellent with dry light snow with temperatures in the upper teens and low twentys. Several skiers were on the loop this afternoon and many snowshoers and skiers were taking advatage of the Twisted Klister trail system.

    We hope to open the remainder of the area Monday or Tuesday.

  29. Geoff Harvey, Area Manager says:

    The Twisted Klister Trail system is in good shape for snowshoe and skiing use. It currently has over a foot of snow and will have a lot more after this next storm Thursday evening through Friday (Dec 8 & 9). The hut is up and ready for use. The FSR 614 roads access is rutted right now but the next snow should solve much of that problem. There is one big tree on Twisted Klister just after the steep climb. I was able to cut the limbs off the tree clearing the path, but was not able cut it completely out of the way. It is not difficult to cross now and will likely be snowed under on one end after this next storm. There are a few small trees down on Joe D’s Jump. We hope to get those removed soon. All the other trails to my knowledge are in good shape. So if you want to snowshoe conditions are good and should be great this weekend.

    As for groomed skiing: We plan to groom the Inner Core trails tomorrow in front of the:storm and then again on Saturday afterwards. Next week we plan to close FSR 614 and begin grooming the outer trails (Skywalker, Moonrunner and The Eagle Run).

    I will keep you posted as we progress. Goff Harvey Area Manager..

  30. Geoff Harvey, Area Manager says:

    Some anxious skiers might be wondering why we are not rushing out early this week to groom the new snow at Fourth of July Park N Ski Area; after all there is a just groomable amount of snow on the area. Believe me I am as anxious as anybody to be skiing a groomed surface. However, the answer is in the quality of that snow base. The first covering snow came as a very wet snow and is now followed by a cold snap. If we pack this snow too early we’ll create essentially a covering of ice on the trails; good for ice skating, but difficult conditions for many cross country skiers. We are holding off until Thursday or Friday (Dec 8 & 9) to allow the cold to refreeze the snow essentially drawing the wetness out of the pack. With the snow on the tail end of the cold snap we should create a good solid base for skiing and the surface far more conducive to the sport.

  31. Geoff Harvey, Area Manager says:

    Additional Reply to Lori: Although we may be in a position to open the inner ski loop of the area (Havin Fun; The Swoop, High Road and Loose Moose) dependent on snow accumulation from the current storm. We do groom a skate lane on the inner loop, except Loose Moose between the two groomed tracks. However most of our skating trails are centered on our FSR 614 trails; Skywalker and Moonrunner). We have to close the road to complete this grooming. Although we could do this under our agreement with the Forest Service after December 1st, we typically hold off on this closure until after the 10th so the Christmas Tree hunters have an opportunity to use the road for that pursuit.

  32. Lori Greenstone says:

    Hi, When do the trails open/ grooming begin? I was thinking of coming up next week, but not sure how much snow you have yet and how the conditions are. I’d like to skate ski if possible. Thanks, Lori

    • Webmaster says:

      We’ve just started getting snow. Grooming plans are not activated yet. Could happen as early as next Friday, will know more on Tuesday.

  33. Cathy says:

    I just moved to cda in May…have never xc ski or snoshoed….is this a good club for beginners or can u recommend one

    • Webmaster says:

      Yes this club is good for beginners. Sometimes beginner x-ski lessons are given. You really don’t need lessons for snowshoeing. But you may want to get advise or rent before you buy.

  34. karl shewmake says:

    I am considering a move to Lewiston, ID, from central Wisconsin. I like to XC ski, skate and classic, groomed trails. Am open to learning to back country ski also. How would be living in Lewiston in the winter for getting to some snow and trails? if easier, please call me 715 572 1254 to go over what it is like for someone who likes to XC ski a lot to live there.
    Thanks so much

    • Webmaster says:

      I assume you have researched Lewiston’s climate. It is only about 700 feet above sea level, almost never snows and even less likely to stick. You’d have a long way to go to get to groomed trails. Summers are hot and dry. Winter relatively mild – they golf and bike year round.
      Even these areas are not high enough to have consistently good snow, and the grooming may not be up to your expectations.
      If you are looking for communities with world-class nordic and a lot of like-minded people, I would look into McCall, Id., Ketchum, Id., or Winthrop, WA

    • Eric says:

      I have trained for three Birkies out of Moscow, Idaho, which is about 30 min north of Lewiston. Nearby groomed XC areas include Palouse Divide (50 min NE of Moscow) and Fields Spring (45 min south of Lewiston). These areas are good in cold winters but poor skiing in warm, El Nino winters. McCall is 3 hours south of Lewiston. Would be better of course to live in a real ski town like McCall or Winthrop but not all of us can manage that luxury.

  35. Mort Kraus says:

    I’m good at figuring out how to get places; can’t figute out how to get to the 4th of July Nordic center. Seeing it will factor into my decision to join. I’ll appreciate your help.

    • Webmaster says:

      I-90 East of Coeur d’Alene by about 11 miles. I think exit 28. The exit is well marked as 4th of July Recreation Area.

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