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  1. Pj christo says:

    It’s Sunday! Anyone interested in Nordic at 4th of July pass? I’m a bit of a gimp so only interested in doing about 3 miles. Conditions should be superb! Text or phone me at 651-8897.

  2. Patricia Bentley says:

    Have an extra ticket for Banff Mountain film festival on Sunday evening which I may not be able to use. It’s $17. Doors open at 5PM and program at 6 PM. At Kroc center in CdA.
    Call or text to 208-770-9072.
    Pat Bentley

  3. kim barling says:

    looking for classes for skiing and or opportunities to snow shoe

    • Geoff Harvey says:

      Nancy Lewis does classic cross country skiing lessons for the Nordic Club while Dwight McCain can do skate skiing lessons.

      There is an entire side (Twisted Klister) of the Fourth of July Area dedicated to snowshoeing. If you are interested in other areas, the Nordic Club’s website has descriptions of many other areas where you can ski or snowshoe.

  4. Gretchen Dudney says:

    Jan 24,

    I am an out of towner hoping to cross country ski this week. Any suggestions as to the best place to get a weather report for 4th of July area?

    • Geoff Harvey says:

      To make the calls on grooming Fourth of July, I tend to rely on KXLY for weather. There folks seem to have the best track record on getting the weather correct.

      We plan to groom the Fourth of July Area Friday and Saturday. Judging from the Fourth of July webcam it looks like the current (Tuesday PM – Wednesday AM) storm dropped some snow on the area but may be following that up with a little rain. The Thursday forecast is for clear weather followed up with cooler temperatures on Friday and Saturday accompanying by precipitation which should be snow. My best guess is that we will be grooming fresh snow on both Friday and Saturday.

  5. David says:

    Went round the inner loop this afternoon. Things were in decent shape. Some light rain and snow at times. There were some hazards, but all were obvious and easy to avoid.

  6. David says:

    How is the Snow cover on the groomed trails these days?

  7. Nancy Lewis says:

    Hi, all! I was asked to report on last Saturday’s event at Farragut. In my book, it was a rousing success. About 20 people attended, of all levels of expertise. The snowshoers went across the road to the North side trails; the more advanced skiers took off on the longer ski loops; and I led 5 beginners on lessons on the small warm-up loop. The beginners all did well there on the flat surface, so we also took off on the longer loop with a few hills. They also did well there, with everyone getting down the scary hills with very few falls. They were all happy with the lesson and learned some new skills. The snow was old and mushy, but still easily skied because of the excellent grooming. When we were finished, the Ayers, Lees and a few others ventured to a good lunch in Athol. I needed to do a little full-on skiing of my own, so I ventured across the hi way to the North side Fat Tire Bike Loops, which are groomed but not tracked. I did the Loop B, which is supposed to be 6 miles, although it felt longer. It was a very fun ski, through the trees and with a few fun hills. I would highly recommend it to more seasoned skiers. And the best part was that it was completely deserted, I saw no one else until I got back to the trailhead, just lots of deer and coyote tracks. A good way to avoid the crowds on the groomed tracks. The trailhead for Loop A and Loop B are at the Thimbleberry Campground parking, about 1 mile past the Visitor Center. It would be a good idea to stop at the Visitor Center for a map of the trans, though!

  8. Nancy Lewis says:

    Hi, all,
    A few people have been asking about this weekend’s activity, a ski trip with lessons at Farragut State Park. I will meet the group at the Farragut Visitor center parking lot at 10am on Saturday, Jan. 13. Conditions may be dicey, so you decide if you want to come. I will be there any ol’ way; if it’s too bad to ski, at least we can go visit Bayview, always nice.

  9. Karen Williams says:

    A key was found during the Best Hand Event last Saturday, Jan. 6, at the 4th of July Rec Area. It appears to be for a ski rack or car top carrier. Post a comment if you have any information.

  10. Daniel says:

    Are fatbike going on your poker run

    • Webmaster says:

      Hi Daniel, I’ll take a shot at answering this as I believe Geoff is out grooming. The poker event is for cross country skiers and snowshoers. Also Fat bikes are not allowed in the inner loop, but are allowed in the outer areas going up Forest Road 614 (also known as Sky walker on our maps) and beyond. See our maps. Also please stay our of parallel ski tracks whether machine groomed or not.

    • Geoff Harvey says:

      Daniel: I believe it was covered that fat bikes would not be included in this year’s best hand. However, we still hope to groom a fat bile lane packed with a roller on Skywalker and Moonrunner (FSR 614) this year. Unfortunately adequate snow to groom came in heavy and wet bringing down many trees. Crews are getting on top of these problems so we should be able to implement this new grooming program soon. If the roller works as promised, we will use it to groom a bike lane out Eagle Run as well. Keep an eye on our grooming updates on this website to be informed that the grooming has been completed. Geoff Harvey

  11. Browne-Minden says:

    I am looking to purchase a beginners set of CC skis, bindings and boots for an average sized female, shoe size 8.5- any recommendations where to begin or where I can get a reasonable used set? Any info would be appreciated. She is excited to try CC skiing ASAP!

    • Geoff Harvey says:

      At this season your best bet for used gear is the thrift stores (Goodwill, St Vincent etc). In the past Post Fall thrift shops have been more productive. However when the snow flies these sources often dry up as well. The other great source of used gear are the ski swaps but these are again long since over (late November and early December). If adequate gear cannot be located at the thrift shops, you might consider renting gear. Sources include the Alpine Haus in Hayden or Tri-state Outfitters just south of the Silver Lake Mall. The North Idaho College rented equipment through its outdoor program in the past, but I do not know if they still provide this service.

  12. Jon Harms says:

    Greetings, my family and I are wondering what CC ski trails (groomed) would be recommended for the first week of January 2018 in northern Idaho along the I-90 corridor? We live a couple hours away and have 2 or 3 days available for the trip. We would also be looking for lodging, any recommendations for it also?

    Thanks in advance

    • Geoff Harvey says:

      The option in the I-90 Corridor in North Idaho are these: 1) Fourth of July Park N Ski Area south off the Fourth of July Exit from I-90 roughly 12 miles east of Coeur d’Alene. Traditional Nordic, skate, snowshoeing and snow bike are permitted on different trails on the area. A Park N Ski Pass is required. These can be obtained from the Idaho Parks & Recreation website or several local vendors. For more information and conditions refer to the Nordic Club’s website as updated; 2) The Nordic Club grooms a portion of Avondale Golf Club in Hayden Lake when snow conditions permit. Avondale is roughly five miles north of I-90 in Hayden Lake. Conditions and grooming schedule are updated on the Nordic Club’s website; Farragut State Park is groomed for traditional Nordic skiing when snow conditions permit. A state park pass is required. Farragut is located 18 miles north on Highway 95 and then three miles east.
      There is also a Washington option: Mount Spokane cross country ski area in Washington. Mount Spokane is Washington State Park requiring a fee plus a grooming pass. Details can be located on the Mount Spokane website.

  13. David says:

    There is a rather large tree down not that far up Klister from where the lower portion of gasline intersects. It fell sometime since yesterday. The same kindly folks who got the snowshoe hut fire going today also cut a passage underneathe. I would normally be able to get to it, but I’m heading out of town. It’s not going to hold anyone up much, but it’s going to require someone with a chainsaw to remove it completely.

    Also, is there a map of gasline anywhere?

    • Geoff Harvey says:

      The tree will be taken care of as soon as we get over that way. Right now our emphasis is bringing up the ski area and getting it groomed. Currently the Gas Line Loops and the new Ridge Trail are not on the overall area map although we will have vicinity maps posted near these trails. We are working on getting these on an updated area map.

    • Eric says:

      I went up on Christmas Eve and took a hand saw and cut part of the tree out of the way to make passage easier.

      • Geoff Harvey says:

        Eric. Thanks for the heads up. I skied up that way yesterday after skiing other parts of the area, but did not get that far up Twisted Kilister. We will be busy closing off Skywalker and signing Skywalker and Moonrunner on Friday, but I hope to get up there with a chainsaw and finish that obstruction off.

  14. Nancy says:

    Happy holidays and ski trails, y’all! Greg and I skied 4th of July today, Dec. 16. Just enough snow to enjoy it, no grooming yet, but some tracks to follow. There are 3 large trees blocking the trail on the Swoop below Peaceful View, I had to take off skis and climb uphill to get around them. They can be avoided by taking the short cut up White Knuckle trail. Get ou there and enjoy!

  15. Jason says:

    Anyone offer Nordic Skiing beginner lessons?

    • Geoff Harvey says:

      Traditional ski lessons are provided through the Nordic Club by Jim McMillan (jmmccda at gmail dot com) and Nancy Lewis (nlew57 at gmail dot com).

  16. John R Gretzinger says:

    Hello and happy ski trails. I will be passing through the Coeur d’Alene area on I90 over Xmas and New Years on a trip from Northern Wisconsin to the Seattle area. I have been searching the internet trying to find places to ski along the way. I might be spending the night in Coeur d’Alene or just passing during the day. I am looking for local good information on a ski trail where I can stop and get a good 2-3 hour skate ski in that is not to far from an I90 exit. By not far lets say a 45 minutes to an hour each way. I will have a four wheel drive truck so driving should not be an issue unless snow is extreme. Also is there night XC skiing near Coeur d’ Alene that might make me plan a stay over. Thanks in advance I just want to try and hit some great trails in my short stop.

    • Webmaster says:

      Hi John, I know that Geoff answered you privately. I don’t know if he mentioned required vehicle permits. For 4th of July there is no on-site purchase – but information and vendors can be found at The State Police does issue fines to vehicles without permits. Grooming has not started yet at 4th of July due to inadequate snow. Grooming is reported on this website when it has occurred.
      Mt. Spokane requires their permit which can be purchased at the rental trailer near the parking lot for the trails. Or from a park ranger if you see one. (best if you have cash –
      just in case) They have been open for cross country skiing. More info at

      • John R Gretzinger says:

        Thanks for all the great information on trails and pass requirements. I really appreciate it.
        John R. Gretzinger

  17. David says:

    Does anyone mind if I were to do some maintenance on the snowshoe section in the next couple of weeks? Just some deadfall removal and trimming back any overgrowth. I thought I should ask before just diving into it.


  18. John says:

    First Meeting of the Season, Tuesday, November 7 PM.
    Location Avondale Golf Course Club House.

    The above posting on the web page could confuse a newcomer as to the date and time of the meeting.

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